Crepe it Up! St. Lawrence Market (Lower Level)
91 Front St. East
Toronto ON
M5E 1C2



environmental awareness

Crepe it Up! is mindful of the growing concern for the environment.  We newly introduced paper wrapping.  In Europe, crepes are usually taken “to go” and are presented as a wrap.  Not only is this convenient, but it is also fun to eat and reduces your footprint!  Although paper costs more, it is easier to recycle.  We are sure you will agree this is the right thing to do.

Also, please feel free to customize your order to reduce waste – Don’t feel like a Side Salad?  Ask for extra filling.   Don’t need a fork?  Just let us know!

customer satisfaction

As our customer, we want to ensure your satisfaction.  Let us know if you want your crepe soft or crispy, extra toppings or spreads – and of course you can choose to customize your sweet or savoury crepe from our wide selection of fresh ingredients.

 ** Please let us know of any allergies you have – we will try to accommodate you as best we can. We advise that anyone with nut allergies use the utmost caution or refrain from eating our products. Our customer's well-being is our greatest concern.



Crepe it Up! was inspired by the passion of owner and manager, Chris Lee.  With his first location at St. Lawrence Market, Lee wanted to share his delight in the versatile crepe.  Toronto is the perfect city for crepes, suiting the needs of everyone – on the go snack one minute, and gourmet meal the next.

​Crepe it Up! expanded into catering in 2006.  Offering an array of delicious and wholesome crepes, Crepe it Up! provides with just what you need to keep everyone at your event going.

your feedback

Any comments or suggestions? Let us know!  Send an email to the Manager, Chris Lee